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    • @andreicristianprodan ah, I can't edit the damn thing. I meant devouring maw upgrade is better than blink!

      Posted in Heroes of the Storm: Zagara Builds | Guide - February 2016

    • No offense to whomever wrote this build but the tips section is not enough.

      FIrst of all, for the level 20 talent, I'd get the devouring maw upgrade. Until level 20, that blink would be great for any hero, but to be honest, once you reach 20, you're gonna mostly have team fights, which means, there will be less situations when you get ganged and need to blink out. If anything, you can use the maw to escape. The cooldown kicks in and you'll help less in the battle, but you should be smart enough to not have to do that and not get yourself in those situations. But most importantly, I didn't see a lot of situations where the enemy heroes were bundled up and I couldn't reach them with the maw. So that's two reasons why I think blink > dev maw upgrade.
      Now if you get the maw upgrade at 20, in a fight, you will most likely get at least one player, also most likely not get all 5 players. That means your cooldown for this ability will be almost halved (because 30% more damage and 30 sec reduction per takedown) and since I can't stress enough how important it is to have it ready for team fights, there's a good chance you'll be ready to use it in the next fight. (in opposition with the blink where you might find yourself without it when the next fight is up)

      Also, mutalisk is not always the best choice, you might want to get the spell shield if enemy has burst dps.

      Now for extra tips:
      You want to focus the banelings not to attack buildings, but to destroy the minion wave. Also you want to use the roaches before the enemy wave hits your wave, so that the roaches soak the damage. Aim it at the ranged minions so that the melee ones turn back to attack the roaches and get bundled up with the ranged ones. NOW you wanna use banelings on that cluster of minions for maximum damage. Throw the hydra on the enemy hero if he tries to prevent you from doing this. Do this every wave.
      If you time your roaches right, you can do this in a place between the enemy gate and tower, and you'll do damage to those as well as all the minions.

      If you're on the lane with a tank that has the burning ability which deals damage around him, you should stop placing creep tumors, it will be a waste of charges and mana.

      Devouring maw situation: there might be a situation where you're pushing a gate and towers and a few enemies are outside the gate. It would be better here to not cast your maw on the enemies but on the gate, so you block them from entering but not catch them inside your maw, or at least a few of them in the maw, a few out the gate. The ones out of the gate and maw will most likely die and by the time they do, your team can focus the ones coming out of the maw, already torn up a little. If you have enough damage, you'll probably destroy the gate and can kill before they run away. You can use this blocking strategy in different situations and tight spots, I just wanted to give a clear example. This is important: the best zagara maw is when you catch 5 players and that will almost never happen. So sieze the terrain opportunity AND rush it rather than hesitate and lose the fight.

      Make sure you throw the roaches and banelings (in that order) just before the maw releases the enemy heroes for max damage.

      Use roaches to check behind obstacles.

      Never use banelings on a single hero.

      Use roaches, hydras and banelings to deal damage to towers and forts without friendly minions around. They will focus your creatures before you. So start with banelings, then roaches and last hydra(s). Keep hitting the fort. Get out before your last hydra die. Keep an eye on the map while doing all this. It doesn't take a lot of focus to do the combo, make sure you use this time to see what's happening on the map. Make sure you're not about to get ganged.

      Lastly and MOST IMPORTANTLY when the enemy core has less than half hp and you're 100% you're going to win. Pay attention!! Go between the enemy core and the respawn zone, unmount and type in /dance in the chat for complete t-bag/rubbing it in their face satisfaction. The game doesn't count as true victory if you don't manage to do this.

      Have fun!

      Posted in Heroes of the Storm: Zagara Builds | Guide - February 2016